One Circle International | Kishmish

When it comes to a unique foodie experience, Kishmish sets the bar extremely high. Combining both Middle-Eastern and Traditional English influences, Kishmish has created for itself a niche in a competitive culinary market. Right from the start, One Circle has been responsible for building the Kishmish brand, giving it the distinct look and feel. In its short life the brand has become well recognized throughout South Africa. Our ongoing work with Kishmish is a pleasure, as the nature of the brand allows us to constantly play with new fresh concepts.


“When Kishmish came to One Circle it was only an idea. We had no brand identity, not even a complete range of products. No one knew who we were or what we could do. In a very short time, One Circle have taken Kishmish from an initial idea and created a brand that now, not only has nationwide outlets, but sets us apart from any other company in our sector.”