Shamim Mirzai

Shamim graduated from Exeter University, England with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science in 1989.

He is the IT & Technical Director at One Circle International, responsible for all web site implementation and hosting services for our clients. These sites range from simple brochure sites to sophisticated content management systems and e-commerce sites.

Shamim founded CLMP Software, London, in 1997. The firm provided decision support and risk management systems to City financial institutions including Salomon Brothers Fixed Income Arbitrage to handle all their various traded instruments. It grew to 10 staff within one year and went through a successful management buyout in 1999.

He went on to join DSC Ltd, London, where he was responsible for managing large teams of developers and delivering multi-million dollar interactive web sites including online booking and mobile phone based systems. His clients included internet startups and investment banks based in Europe, the USA and South Africa.

Shamim also worked as Lead Consultant for Treasurydealer Ltd in London. He developed an online trading system used by investment banks to trade repos. He was involved from the initial negotiations through to development, delivery and support.

In South Africa he has acted as Senior Team Leader at Safmarine Computer Services, Cape Town. He was responsible for the creation of online shipping systems, managing a team of developers in Cape Town and liasing with clients in Antwerp, Belgium.